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A significant boost to the residential property investment market came when the Turkish government introduced the Turkish citizenship by real estate investment scheme.  As one of the world’s cheapest golden passport schemes, Türkiye also has a simplified application process. You can get Turkish Citizenship by investment in real estate business. Investment in Turkish Property is an opportunity to apply for Turkish visa, get Turkish nationality and increases your chances to get Turkish passport and become Turkish citizen. There are a lot of benefits of Turkish Citizenship which can be enjoyed by investing in best properties.

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Golden Investment in Istanbul Turkey

Q&A Marketing offers properties in the most sought after city of turkey to live in, including:

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Apartments in Istanbul, Turkey

According to the Turkish statistics, around 2.7 million apartments have been sold in Istanbul, Turkey in 2021. Istanbul is one of the most desired city of Turkey by local as well as foreign investors to look out for Property purchase in Istanbul, Turkey due to its architecture and landscape. Although there are lots of Apartments for sale in Istanbul, there are also many questions that arise in the mind of investors before investing in real estate in Istanbul, turkey like where to buy the property in Istanbul, turkey? whether to buy new or second hand house or apartment? Should or not it’s within the metropolis middle or at the subway line in Istanbul, turkey? Questions like these can occupy the mind of investors before buying apartment in Istanbul, Turkey.

The investor ought to first decide their need. If the investor wants to purchase a residential apartment for living purpose, he/she should choose in close proximity to the workplace, metropolis middle, or schools in Istanbul, Turkey. If you ought to purchase an apartment for investment purpose in Istanbul, turkey and looking to rent out or get good returns, you could keep in mind whether or not the vicinity is open to development, its proximity to the metro line, and the maintenance cost of the apartment.

If you need a secure and well-designed residence far from the metropolis middle, you could search for apartments or homes in the northern city side. Although it is difficult to find apartment to purchase in Istanbul, Turkey but Q & A Marketing is here to assist you to find the best possible solution to your property needs and get you the best property in Istanbul, Turkey.

Requirements of Turkish citizenship

Pakistani who want to obtain Turkish Citizenship for themselves as well as their families (Spouse and Children under 18 Years) have to Purchase Property and invest in Turkish Real Estate with a minimum investment of 400,000USD (or equal value in Turkish Lira). Documents Required for Turkish Citizenship:


  • Passport with 1-year validity
  • Birth certificate (attested from foreign office)
  • Mother’s Name
  • Photographs with white Background on Biometric Paper (12 Pieces) + Soft Copy of Photo
  • Address in home country
  • Email Address

Information Section

Turkey Passport Value

Turkish Citizenship is transferable to descendants and safe environment where over 700,000 expats and 60,000 international companies are located. Further, turkey passport offers a comfortable yet affordable high standards of living in Turkey.

Turkish Passport by Investment

Become a Turkish Citizen, and get Turkish passport by purchasing and investing in Turkish real estate worth at least $400,000 and get the right to apply for Turkish citizenship. The Turkish real estate investment enables you and your family (dependents below 18 years of age) to have Turkish citizenship in three to six months. Foreign investors may also gain rental income from their real estate investments or sell them after a 3-year period of restriction.

Ideal Lifestyle

Property buyers looking for another country to retire in choose Türkiye for the lifestyle. The gorgeous weather, healthy living attitude, strong community vibes and seaside location prove too much of a lure. Buy-to-let investors who want to tap into one of the world’s fastest-growing tourism markets love Türkiye.

Strong Economy and Business Environment

Türkiye’s economy grew 11 percent in 2021, the fastest among the G20 countries, as COVID-19-related measures were gradually relaxed in Türkiye and abroad. Combined with a young and sizable population, business opportunities are plentiful and positive. With many incentives for strategic, large scale and regional investments, Türkiye welcomes foreign investment and international business prospects and investments give higher ROIs.

Lucrative Exchange Rate

Property buyers in Türkiye get far more cash with an advantageous currency exchange rate. Good opportunities await budget buyers’ eager to get their foot on their Turkish housing ladder.

Low Purchasing Costs

While the property buying process in other countries involves hefty closing costs and taxes, Türkiye offers the opposite. Combine low buying costs with an easy process that takes 1 to 3 weeks to complete, and homebuyers easily get title deeds.

Attractive Portfolio

The stark difference from Türkiye’s property market 20 years ago to the present day is evident in the vast abundance of modern flats, villas, and commercial buildings for sale. The government also invested billions in upgrading infrastructure and roads to boost foreign investment, so everyone finds what they want within their budget.

after application submission, applicant gets the passport within 60 days

Turkish Real Estate Investment gives high returns to the investors with rental incomes and option to resale the property within 3 years

Entire family of the investor is eligible for citizenship including spouse, kids under age of 18 years, old and disabled children

the whole process of applying for citizenship can be carried out remotely wherever you are in the world without having residency in turkey

Turkish citizenship entitles you to the option of establishing business with relocation to UK s a Turkish Businessman and under E-2 investment visa to USA

Turkey allows to keep dual citizenship

one time Investment in Turkish real estate worth $400,000 entitles the investor to lifetime citizenship which is also transferable to the descendants

Turkey offers comfortable and luxurious yet affordable high quality living standards to its citizens

Life in Turkey